Forever Orange Student Alumni Council, Forever Orange Week 2018 | @OurSyracuseU

Two representatives from the Forever Orange Student Alumni Council took over @OurSyracuseU during Forever Orange Week 2018:

  • Kennedy Patlan ’18 is majoring in advertising in the Newhouse School, citizenship & civic engagement in the Maxwell School and women’s & gender sudies in the College of Arts & Sciences
  • Eliza Hsu Chen ’18 is majoring in marketing at the Whitman School & graphic design at the Newhouse School

Hey SU! Eliza and Kennedy here. We are the Event Co-Chairs for the Forever Orange Student Alumni Council, an organization that promotes class unity, philanthropy and Orange pride at Syracuse University. Fun Fact: We have known each other since we were high school seniors in Miami, FL! Being able to post together makes this so much more special for us. (We also tend to wear the same clothes) This week, we’re showing you all of the events and excitement behind one of FOSAC’S biggest events: Forever Orange Week. Forever Orange Week is a time for our campus to reflect and pay thanks to all of the things and people that have helped to make Syracuse so great. No matter where we are on our Orange journey, Forever Orange Week remains a way to stay attached to this place we all call home. This picture is from last year’s FOW, but we’re looking forward to sharing this year’s journey with you! Stay tuned to learn more about each of us.

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Hey everyone! Kennedy again. I just wanted to tell you a little more about me! I consider myself a hybrid child of Miami, FL and Dallas, TX. I am currently a senior triple majoring in Advertising, Citizenship & Civic Engagement, and Women’s & Gender Studies. When I’m not working on capstones, you’ll find me in Dellplain Hall where I am finishing up my third year as a Resident Advisor! This picture is from my time in Washington, DC during Summer 2016. I had the amazing opportunity to be a Marketing Intern for the truth initiative. I fell in absolute love with the city and was proud to rep the Orange there while meeting so many other DC alumni! My time at Syracuse University has been absolutely incredible. From being a part of the Remembrance Scholars Program to being one of nine from the Miami 3 POSSE Cohort – my time at Syracuse has been filled with opportunities, people, and memories that I’ll never forget. This week serves as a way to look back on these past few years while also paying it forward. -KP #DC #OrangePride #summer

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