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Jacob Gedetsis ’18 is a 2017 Remembrance Scholar and is double majoring in newspaper and online journalism at the Newhouse School and English & textual studies at the College of Arts and Sciences. He is from Cleveland, Ohio.

Jacob has been involved with The Daily Orange and has previously interned with the Kanas City Star, Cox Media Group, Syracuse Media Group, and Northeast Ohio Media Group.

Hey everyone! My name is Jacob Gedetsis, and I am a senior studying English and Textual Studies / Newspaper and Online Journalism at SU. I am so excited to take over the account on of the most important weeks of the year: Remembrance Week. I am so humbled to have been chosen as one of 35 Remembrance Scholars, and I can’t wait to share all the beautiful work the scholars have done this year to Look Back and Act Forward. On December 21st, 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed over Lockerbie, Scotland; 270 people died that day, including 35 students studying with Syracuse University who were returning from their semesters abroad. Every year, Syracuse University holds Remembrance Week in honor of these individuals. Yesterday, we began Remembrance Week 2017 with a candlelight vigil in their memory. I have the honor of representing Nicholas Andreas Vrenios. Nicholas took to London his three prized possessions – a camera, a guitar, and a skateboard. A junior photography major, Nicholas would wake up before sunrise to snap the perfect shot, before rushing off to his next journey. He had a relentless adventurous spirit. I think we would have been close friends. So follow along this week to learn more about Remembrance, and my time at SU! – #syracuseu J.G.

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What is your favorite thing about Syracuse?

Syracuse is a family; a diverse family that pushes how one another think. It’s an amazing community.

What is your favorite Syracuse memory?

My favorite memory is getting invited to sit on a graduate level course with Professor George Saunders.

If you could tell a new or incoming student just ONE thing about Syracuse, what it would be? 

The professors here care. Go to office hours and capture their immense knowledge while building personal relationships.