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Jen Sweet ’18 is majoring in Communication & Rhetorical Studies in the College of Visual & Performing Arts and Political Science in the Maxwell School. She is from Jackson, NJ.

On campus, Jen is President of Traditions Commission, Community Engagement Co-Chair of the Syracuse University Student Association and a Resident Advisor in DellPlain Hall.


What is your favorite thing/part about SU?

While the student body is large, the community here makes SU feel small. I never fail to see friends while walking around campus, and always manage to find connections with new people I meet. Despite being 300 miles from home, I love the family I have here.


What is your favorite on-campus activity/event?

Winter Carnival is by far my favorite on-campus event. It takes place for a week in February when the Syracuse winter is at its harshest, and works to get students out of their winter blues. With Trivia, Chili Cook Off, and Cozy Cappella, it’s easily one of my favorite weeks of the year.

What is your favorite SU memory?

Freshman year, some of my friends and I decided to camp out for seats for the Duke game. My friend and I volunteered to sleep in the Dome, which was an experience in and of itself. The next day we were in the fourth row of seats, amazed at how close we’d be to see the biggest game of the season. While the game itself did not end how we would’ve hoped, being a part of that whole experience was amazing. I’ve never felt more connected with the University community than hanging out in the Dome for three hours with hundreds of my fellow students waiting for the game to start. I left the Dome that night hoarse from cheering and full of pride for this snowy place that had so quickly captured my heart.

If you could tell a new or incoming student just ONE thing about SU, what it would be?

Syracuse will change your life. You’ll learn far more about yourself, your classmates, and the world around you than you will any discipline you study, and you will grow more in your time here than you ever thought possible.

The Communication and Rhetorical Studies Department had afforded me some of the most meaningful experiences of my time here at SU, I often think of it as a hidden gem. Last spring I had the privilege of participating in an alumni engagement trip to NYC, where students from the department were able to talk with recent alums across various fields – ranging from TV production to corporate communication and everything in between. Not only was it enlightening to realize just how many direction a CRS degree can take you, but also comforting to hear no matter how surreal it seems jobs will come. My CRS classes have taught me so much, from career relevant classes like Political Communication and Speechwriting, to classes like Race Ethnicity and Communication or Mindful Communication which have challenged me on a more personal level – allowing me to look more critically at my outlook and world view. Although from time to time I do tire of explains what exactly the Communication and Rhetorical Studies program is, I never run out of words to say what it means to me – JS

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Panasci Lounge is easily my go to study spot, I always refer to it was my second home – and my friends refer to it as my first. It reminds me of how small Syracuse University can be. One of my favorite things about SU is that for a school of 14,000 undergrads, I can find a mutual friend with nearly everyone I meet. We’re a large student body, but still manage to have a tight knit community, making it feel like home. Coming to Panasci to hang out and do work always means seeing at least 3-5 familiar faces, and getting a chance to catch up with friends new and old. Any day of the week it’s a pretty safe bet you can find me in a table by the windows, drinking a Dunkin coffee and attempting to be productive – JS

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