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Kevin Belbey ’13, L’16, from Brick, NJ, is a student in the College of Law and is also pursuing a graduate degree in New Media Management at the Newhouse School. He’s also a 2013 graduate of the Newhouse School.

On campus, Kevin is executive director of the Law School’s Moot Court Honor Society, an arguing member on the National Trial Team, a Student Ambassador and Syracuse Law Basketball Team Captain. He’s also a student attorney in the Children’s Rights & Family Law Clinic, chair of the Student Mentor Program, and participated in the Semester in DC Program.

As an undergraduate at Newhouse, Kevin held internships with CBS’s legal department, the Federal Communications Commission, Hon. James M. Blaney, NBC Sports London Olympics coverage in 2012, and ABC News.

What is your favorite thing about SU?

My favorite thing about SU is that I believe bleeding orange is a real thing. I am always excited, but never surprised, when I meet an alumnus who went to Cuse and just on that connection will go out of their way to help me out.

What is your favorite on-campus activity/event?

My favorite on-campus event is graduation in the Carrier Dome. There is nothing like seeing hard work rewarded. Little do many of those graduates know is that their relationship with SU has just begun.

What is your favorite SU memory?

Meeting Vice President Joe Biden L’68 when he came to campus in Fall 2015.

If you could tell a new or incoming student just ONE thing about SU, what it would be?

That no matter who you are or where you come from, there are things and people here for you that will make you come alive. I have never seen one place that is special to so many different people.

Good afternoon, #OrangeNation ! My name is Kevin Belbey and I’m looking forward to giving you a different view of SU for the week. In 2009, I started my journey here on The Hill as a freshman in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. I graduated in 2013 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. After deciding I wanted to pursue law school, I stayed here at SU to attend @SyracuseLaw (and I’ll be graduating this May!). It’s been a great fit for many reasons, including the fact that I already had plenty of orange in my wardrobe! This picture was taken of me at @SyracuseLaw Orientation in August of 2013. This is actually outside the former law school buildings-White Hall & MacNaughton Hall. Since then, the buildings have become home to the Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics, while @SyracuseLaw has moved into the brand new #DineenHall. This week, I’ll show you what the law school looks like now and share some of what makes @SyracuseU the best University in the world. Stay Tuned! – KB #SyracuseU

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One of the best experiences I have had @SyracuseLaw has been competing on our National Trial Team. Coached by alums Joanne Van Dyke L’87, Joe Cote L’87, Jeff Leibo L’03 and Professor Travis H. D. Lewin, the team competes in national mock trial competitions against the best advocates and law schools in the country. Pictured here is my trial team (Justin St. Louis, Yolanda Beasley, Cory Schoonmaker, Carly Halpin, and myself) from the fall semester. We practice twenty hours a week, every week, preparing an entire case-opening statements, direct and cross examinations, summations, and more. My team this fall competed in St. Louis at the Tournament of Champions, which is a trial competition that invites only the top 16 trial advocacy schools in the nation to participate. It was an honor that I won’t ever forget to compete alongside these phenomenal advocates! – KB #SyracuseU

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Good afternoon from the cozy #DineenHall ! Today I am going to give #CuseNation a better look into @SyracuseLaw’s beautiful new building. Dineen Hall was named after the Dineen Family, who presented a gift of $15 million to @SyracuseLaw. It opened for the 2014-15 academic year, and has become a symbol of our growth as an institution. I’ll never forget the first time I walked the halls of this place-I immediately felt inspired to do good and work hard. In fact, when @VP came and visited Dineen Hall in the fall, he was amazed by the building and joked with students that if it was here when he attended school (@SyracuseLaw alum, Class of 1968) he would have been #1 in the class by a mile! I took this picture in front our our fireplace–just one of our building’s unique characteristics…more to come! -KB #SyracuseU

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My biggest responsibility this year has been serving as the Executive Director of @SyracuseLaw’s Moot Court Honor Society. Moot Court is a an organization of outstanding law students who are devoted to excellence in written and oral advocacy. We have 66 members, made up of second and third year students. The most important thing we do as an organization is put on competitions for our students to compete in. Pictured here is the Final Round of the 44th Annual Mackenzie Hughes LLP Edmund H. Lewis Appellate Advocacy Competition held earlier this month, right in #DineenHall. It’s one of four competitions that we run throughout the academic year. This year, we had a fantastic panel of final judges, including @SyracuseU Chancellor Kent Syverud for the first time. Our other judges were Hon. William Q. Hayes, Hon. Therese Dancks, Hon. Mae D’Agostino, & Hon. Theodore McKee. Our winners for this competition were 3Ls Jesse Feitel & Kevin Smith, and finalists were 2Ls Sarah Ballard & Shannon Crane. This beautiful space is the Melanie Gray Ceremonial Courtroom, a 330 seat auditorium that doubles as a courtroom. It’s a dynamic space that hosts everything from Orientation events to New York State Court of Appeals oral arguments. It’s a huge asset to @SyracuseLaw to have such a flexible space right inside #DineenHall. -KB #SyracuseU #OurSyracuseU

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One of the most unique things about @SyracuseLaw is the Clinical Programs. Students enrolling in a clinic receive academic credit in representing real-world clients pro bono and practice law under the supervision of law school faculty. It’s a great way for students to get real experience, but also a way @SyracuseLaw can give back to the CNY community because these clients normally cannot afford legal representation. There are 9 different clinics at @Syracuse Law-Bankruptcy, Children’s Rights & Family Law, Community Development, Criminal Defense, Disability Rights, Elder Law, Low Income Taxpayer, Securities Arbitration & Consumer Law, and the Veterans Legal Clinic. This photo shows off the exterior of the Clinic Office within #DineenHall, but the inside is where the magic happens. There are two large computer cluster work areas, five client meeting rooms, and a full time staff and faculty group working alongside students on these cases. This year I have worked and studied as a member of the Children’s Rights & Family Law Clinic under Professor Suzette Melendez. It’s been a great way to get practice in a courtroom as well as giving back to the community. This Friday, I’ll be having a trial in one of our cases. It takes a lot of prep work but is so worth it when you can use your education, skills, and training for good! -KB #SyracuseU #OurSyracuseU

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Happy 146th Birthday to @SyracuseU! You only get better with age. Today as it is National Orange Day as well as #TBT, I wanted to post a couple photos from my time studying @SyracuseU for undergrad. Pictured here are my awesome college roommates (Adam Gottdiener, myself, Cristian Calo, & Tony Heckathorn) at Commencement in 2013. The first major SU event you have as a freshman is a “Home To The Dome” pep rally in the Carrier Dome, so it’s only fitting that senior year is closed out with Commencement in the Dome. At SU, each individual college (Ex. College of Law, Newhouse, Maxwell, Falk, etc.) has their own Commencement ceremony as well as a combined @SyracuseU ceremony. @SyracuseU just announced yesterday that the University’s Commencement speaker will be Donald Newhouse. Mr. Newhouse and his family have meant a lot to SU and I am excited to hear what advice he has for the #ClassOf2016 ! -KB #SyracuseU #OurSyracuseU #TBT

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#TBT to my junior year at @NewhouseSU when I was blessed to intern with @NBCSports for the London 2012 Summer Olympics! Every two years when the Olympics roll around, @NBCSports flocks to @NewhouseSU to hire dozens of @SyracuseU interns. Back in 2012, there were about 100 total Olympics interns, and 30-40 of them were @NewhouseSU students. It’s an awesome partnership and something that grabbed my attention even as a high school student thinking of applying to @SyracuseU. Pictured here are two other @NewhouseSU alums and former NBC Sports Olympic interns, John Nolan & Molly Nelson. All of us SU students decided on one day in the summer to wear Orange to show support for the ‘Cuse. So no matter if we were working in Connecticut, NYC, or on site in London, NBC Sports was full of Orange this day. – KB #SyracuseU #OurSyracuseU

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Before the clock strikes midnight on my week running #OurSyracuseU, I wanted to post one last photo with a longtime friend, Jesse Feitel. Jesse, along with our friend Steve Ryck, are what we call “Double Orange”–meaning we went to @syracuseu for undergrad, and are getting a second degree from SU @SyracuseLaw. (Side note: One thing I haven’t talked about this week are the great dual degree programs at @SyracuseLaw. They offer you the ability to pursue a Master’s Degree at SU and a law degree at the same time. For almost all programs, you can get two degrees without spending any extra semesters on campus. I am getting my Master’s @NewhouseSU so I will be a “Triple Orange” come this May.) This photo was taken in the beautiful Bond Schoeneck & King Courtroom in #DineenHall @SyracuseLaw. While Jesse and I expect this to be our final hurrah as SU students, maybe we should come back for more–as our final semester in undergrad @cuse_mbb made the 2013 Final Four, and our final semester in law school they have now done it again! It’s been a blast for me to give you a glimpse into what my experience has been like at @syracuseu. This is the most special University in the world. And I’m blessed to have met so many great people and have have so many amazing opportunities here. For the last time…-KB @KevinBelbey #SyracuseU #OurSyracuseU

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