Mallory Miller ’17 | @OurSyracuseU

Mallory Miller ’17 is studying Sport Management at Falk College and Information Management & Technology at the School of Information Studies (iSchool).

On campus, Mallory is involved with the Sport Management Club, OttoTHON, and Special Olympics New York. She was also part of the winning team of the 2016 MLB College Challenge.

What is your favorite thing about Syracuse?
My favorite thing is SU’s involvement with the Syracuse community and how our learning goes beyond the classroom into the real world.

What is your favorite SU memory?
My favorite memory was waiting in the Dome for 6 hours for the Duke game my freshman year and almost having a heart attack when the game tied in the last second to go to overtime. I think about that game all the time and how the people I sat with are now my best friends but I didn’t know them at all at the time.

If you could tell a new or incoming student just ONE thing about SU, what it would be?
Get involved in the Syracuse community as soon as you can. There’s so much to learn and so many ways to volunteer.