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Shona Beattie is a first year student and is a Lockerbie Scholar from Lockerbie, Scotland.

Each year two students from Lockerbie, Scotland are selected to study in Syracuse for a year and represent the Lockerbie 11, and SU’s commitment to Remembrance.

On campus for only a few months so far, Shona is already involved with a running club and Freedom by Design. In class, she’s studying scuba diving, figure sculpture, architectural drawing for non-majors, foundations of human behavior, world cultures and Chinese.

Hi guys! My name is Shona Beattie and I’m a freshman student from Scotland, studying here at SU for a year as a Lockerbie Scholar along with Sian, who you got to meet last week. For anyone who didn’t know, every year 35 SU students and 2 students from Lockerbie are selected to represent the Pan Am 103 air disaster, the 270 lives lost and the motto of ‘Look Back Act forward’, due to the fact that 35 of those lives were SU Abroad students and 11 were residents of Lockerbie . I grew up on a dairy farm just outside the town – which Sian and I estimate is no bigger than campus – which goes to show how crazy it is for us to get the opportunity to fly across the pond to a place like Syracuse. I’ve been loving it here, and I can’t wait to share it all with you. So to start off the week, here’s a post from the start of our adventure – our time in London, making the most of the fact that we had to travel there to get our visas. While we were there we had the chance to visit Faraday House, home of the SU London Campus, as well as have lunch with a couple of the professors there. If you ever study there I’d recommend paying a visit to a place called Giraffe! Looking forward to spending the week with you all – SB ☺️

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What is your favorite thing about SU?

My favorite thing about SU would have to be the people. Even in my 6 short weeks here I’ve met so many great friends from so many different places. Everyone makes you feel so at home and becomes like a second family so quickly – which makes the experiences and memories you share even better.

If you could tell a new or incoming student just ONE thing about SU, what it would be?

Don’t be afraid to throw yourself into opportunities and push out of your comfort zone, because what have you got to lose compared to the amazing experiences you could have and the great people you could meet?

What does it mean to you to be a Lockerbie Scholar and to be here in Syracuse?

From the first moment that I knew I was coming to Syracuse, it meant a lot to me to be part of something so meaningful and to represent Lockerbie, its loss and its link with SU. However, it wasn’t until I arrived in Syracuse and began to settle in that I realized quite how life changing an experience I was in for. Now a quarter of the way through the shortest year of my life, I have got to know some truly amazing people – starting with the victims and their stories. The Remembrance Scholars, advisors, friends and relatives of the victims and many many more have welcomed us and provided an example of strength, remembrance and unity which has given me a new understanding of Remembrance Week and of the air disaster, and given it a meaning which I would never have been able to understand from wee Lockerbie. Being a Remembrance or Lockerbie Scholar is something that is with you for life, and I will forever be grateful that I have had the chance to be a part of it and honored that someone believed I was up to the task of embodying the spirit of those lost and doing their dreams justice by acting forward in their memory.

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since the Rose Laying Ceremony – one of the traditions of Remembrance Week, where all the scholars lay a rose and pay respects to the victim of Pan Am 103 whom they are representing 🕊️ I don’t think any of us were truly prepared for the emotions involved, but it was a really special day – and for all of us although the hecticness of Remembrance Week is over, it will always be close to our hearts. The week made me even more grateful for being here, the opportunities I’ve had and the amazing people I’ve met along the way. If you didn’t make it this time I’d definitely recommend going along next year, because I can’t do it justice with words – SB #suremembrance2016 #SyracuseU @suremembrance

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